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dragonfly discovery for robust and reliable reagent dispensing : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

Mar 27, 2023Mar 27, 2023

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dragonfly® discovery from SPT Labtech allows ground-breaking and low-volume liquid dispensing that is consistent with an extensive range of applications, such as biochemical assays, molecular biology and genomics, as well as bead- and cell-based assays.

The innovative dispense technology provides various significant technical benefits:

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Setting up an experiment could not be more straightforward with these three simple steps with no calibration or daily maintenance needs. Users can choose a protocol or set up a new experiment in the innate software package—fit positive displacement syringes and layout reagents, and click run to dispense into the plate of choice.

From aqueous buffers, PCR and DMSO Mastermixes through to cells and uniform viscous basal membrane extracts: dragonfly discovery allows exact and repeatable dispensing beginning from just 200 nL, for robust assays and excellent quality data.

Make reagents move ahead with assay miniaturization. Whether working with 384- or 1,536-well plate formats, assay miniaturization is perfect for cutting reagent charges, increasing throughput, and normalizing workflows. Having been integrated with completely recoverable, ultra-low dead volumes, this method guarantees that users derive maximal value from their earlier reagents.

Quick plate fill times, programmable staggered reagent additions, and the least maintenance needs enable researchers to spend their time on high-value scientific tasks, such as scheduling and examining experiments.

dragonfly discovery relies on a modular design that adapts to users’ workflow. They can also select from 3, 6, or 10 independent positive displacement dispense heads to suit users’ application and throughput needs.

Users can set them up as an independent benchtop unit or combine them into users’ work cell of choice. The availability of an auto-feed reservoir reagent module raises reagent capacity for high-volume bulk-filling tasks and allows extended walk-away time.

Consistent with any SBS plate format across 96-, 384- and 1,536-well plates. Highly controlled dispensing into 96- or 384-well PCR plates is available for sensitive genomics applications and quick bulk dispensing into racked tubes or deep well blocks.

dragonfly discovery allows precise and repeatable nanoliter to milliliter dispensing, regardless of environmental conditions or liquid viscosity.

The true positive displacement syringes have been regulated by separate dispense heads within the instrument.

Key features

Built for pure performance

The dragonfly software is as concentrated on usability as it is on functionality:

The dragonfly designer software is known as a complimentary software package that has been specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of assay development scientists:

Versatile workflow integration

The dragonfly software consists of a completely documented API for 3rd party integration available with an extensive range of other laboratory instrumentation, such as robotic plate handlers, stackers, and bulk liquid handlers, to obtain walk-away operation in several application areas.

Source: SPT Labtech Limited

Volume miniaturization available with automated liquid handlers resolves throughput and charge challenges. This allows genomics scientists to process a more significant number of samples and make savings on reagent use.

The "dynamic duo"—the combination of mosquito's exact positive displacement pipetting with dragonfly's non-contact, nanoliter-to-milliliter dispensing—provides proven workflow solutions with an increasing list of more than 40 NGS techniques that has been miniaturized.

Image Credit: SPT Labtech

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